Experience & Mile Building (5th and/or 6th March)

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Select which parts of the event you wish to take part in.  If you only do the 5th March you will be responsible for your transport home from RHKYC Shelter Cove.  If you do both days dinner at the RHKYC on the evening of the 5th Mar is free, otherwise will cost HKD250.  If you do both days you can sleep on-board the night of the 5th March.  For those joining on the 6th March its important you arrive onboard by 0900hrs at RHKYC, Shelter Cove.

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  • This will be the name printed on the course certificate.
    Use your name as shown in your passport.

    Please provide a contact phone number (preferably mobile) so we can contact you quickly

  • When allocating sleeping cabins they will be assigned to members of the same gender unless a student request an alternative partner.  Cabins are usually assigned in the order of booking with the earliest bookings being allocated the largest cabins.

    Please confirm your if you are over 18 years old.  We do accept younger students but note that there are age limitations on some courses.

    Enter the students age

  • Do you suffer from any food allergies or do you have any special dietary requirements?

    Please give details of any food allergies or special dietary requirements. Please note that we can only cater for basic dietary needs onboard. If you have special requirements we will do our best to cater for those needs, but we may require you to provision some of your own food if we are unable to support your needs.

    Sailing can be physically demanding and requires a reasonable level of physical fitness. Please provide details if you have any doubts about your physical ability to complete the course e.g. medical conditions, disability, pregnancy, etc.

    Please provide details of your medical limitations so we can review and advise you on the suitability of the course. 

    I understand this course is taught in English and that I need to be able to converse in English.  Some courses do have Cantonese and Mandarin speaking instructors but this will not be the primary teaching language. 


    On joining the course and each time you re-join the course you must be able to present a LeaveHomeSafe App vaccine "Blue Code" pass to access the RHKYC.  To protect and reassure your fellow course members we require all participants to take a RAT test on the morning before joining the course and present the negative response to the course trainer on arrival.  Failure to abide by these requirements will result in your place being forfeited and no refund will be given.

  • Lunch is included on the day of joining the yacht and breakfast if staying overnight onboard.  If staying for an evening meal and the course is scheduled to dine at one of the RHKYC restaurants you will be charged at cost price for your meal and drinks, payable by cash to the instructor.  If the evening meal is onboard, this is included in the standard fee.

    You will be responsible for travel arrangements and fees to join the yacht at the location provided and on the day you leave.  On booking you will be given a provisional location and time to join the yacht, but due to weather conditions and other factors this could change at very short notice.  If there is a change in location you will be advised as soon as it's known.

  • Events

    Please select which events you wish to take part in

    • RHKYC, Kellett Island (0930hrs) to RHKYC, HEBE Haven (1800hrs)
    • RHKYC, HEBE Haven (0900hrs) to RHKYC, Kellett Island (1700hrs)
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