WS Refresher Offshore Safety and Survival Course (27 Oct 2024)

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  • This will be the name printed on the course certificate.
    Use your name as shown in your passport.

    Please provide a contact phone number (preferably mobile) so we can contact you quickly

  • Previous Course Details

    This course is only open to those who hold a World Sailing (ISAF) certificate not more than 3 years past the expiry date on the first day of the course and issued in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong or by the RYA

    Who was the issuing authority of your certificate?

    Please provide details of the issuing authority and we will review to see if it's acceptable.

    Enter the expiry date of your previous certificate.
    NOTE:  Must be no more than 2 years out of date at the start of the Refresher course (see World Sailing, Offshore Special Regulations 6.01.5).  If older then you must complete a full 2 day course.

    Please upload a scan of your certificate so we can confirm its validity.
    If you can't do this now then please email to as soon as you can.  We won't be able to confirm your place until this has been done.

    • (max file size 32 MB)

    As this is an update cours, please let us know if there is a particular subject(s) you wish to be covered during the course.

  • The World Sailing/RYA Sea Safety & Survival course starts with the mandatory course registration.  Please note that failure to register on time will be considered as a course non-attendance.

    The pool session can be physically demanding and requires a reasonable level of physical fitness e.g. 2 hrs of pool drills swimming in restrictive clothing, independent boarding of a liferaft, righting a liferaft, etc.  All students must complete the pool exercises in order to receive the World Sailing Sea Safety & Survival certificate.  Please provide details if you have any doubts about your physical ability to complete the course e.g. medical conditions, pregnancy, etc.

    Please provide details of your medical limitations so we can review and advise you on the suitability of the course. 

    Participant must bring on the 2nd morning of the of the full course or the start of the 1 day update course:

    1. Wet weather protective clothing suitable for offshore.
    2. Gas inflatable lifejacket (not buoyancy aid) that meets the ISO 12402-3 standard i.e:
      1. 150N Gas inflation (manual or automatic).
      2. Leg/crutch straps.

    Important: If a participant brings along clothing or a lifejacket not meeting the requirements above they will be required to hire the equipment from APY before they can proceed with the pool session.

    We prefer you to supply your own equipment, particularly as it gives you the opportunity to get to know how your own equipment operates.  But if you wish to hire from us complete the fields below.

    To qualify for the quoted course price you must be a HKSF member, member of an HKSF Member Club or member of an HKSF Member Association, otherwise there is a surfchange as the course is partly sponsored by the HKSF.  This must be the membership of the student which is non-transferable e.g.  a boat-boy is not covered by the owners membership.

    • Non-member charge of
      If you are not a member of the HKSF, Member Club or Member Association there is a surcharge to the standard course price

    Please state which HKSF Member Association you are a member of to qualify for the HKSF discount (click here for current list then click Member Associations link in the text)

    Please provide your HKSF, Member Club or Membership Association membership number so it can be validated by the HKSF to qualify for the HKSF discount.  Failure to provide a valid membership number will result in the non-HKSF surcharge being levied.

  • The course is taught in English, is very intensive and fast moving. Hence, it’s not feasible to use an interpreter due to the pace of the course and it being a distraction to other students.  We do teach some courses in Cantonese and Mandarin, please contact APY for details.

    Please provide details of your English language proficiency in verbal and written ability.  There is little we can do to assist with the verbal proficiency but we can sometimes assist with some translations with the final exam if given notice before the course starts.  Alternatively please request details on courses taught in Cantonese and Mandarin.

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This course covers all the requirements of the World Sailing Personal Safety & Survival Refresher course.

You must have previously done the full 2 day course or a Refresher course and your old certificate can not be more than 2 years expired at the start of the Refresher course (see WS Offshore Special Regulations 6.01.5).