RYA/World Sailing Sea Safety & Survival Course Feedback

We are always looking to improve our courses so value your feedback.  Please take a few minutes to complete the Sea Safety and Survival Course Feedback so was can make those improvements.

Question answers:  5 = Excellent, 1 = Poor

Which World Sailing/RYA Sea Safety and Survival course did you attend?

How easy was it to book and pay for your course?

How useful were the course joining instructions?

How suitable was the training room?

How effectively did the instructor cover the course syllabus?

Was the syllabus delivered in a logical order?

How effective were the visual aids (presentation, equipment, etc)

Instructors knowledge of the subject and responses to questions?

How effective was the use of available time?

Usefulness for course book and training material provided via the online link?

What were the best parts of the course?

What subjects could be improved or covered in more detail?

What subjects could be left out or covered in less detail?

How well did the course meet your expectations?

How much did you enjoy the course?

Other comments/feedback?